Capacity Overview

Image 02Tamarind pod output of Phetchabun province Thailand

  • 24,000 Acre with 18,000 Tons a year

Product capacity

  • 3,000 kg a month for premium grade of seedless dried tamarind
  • 3,000 - 5,000 kg a month for normal grade of seedless dried tamarind with plum ,sugar ,lcing ,sour with salt blended


**Extra capacity is able to extend depending on the Tamarind pod availability in the season ,demand and lead time**

Tamarind Benefits

Tamarind is most numerous in South Asia. In Thailand, tamarind is grown specially to eaten as fresh fruit as it is famous for being particularly sweet and minimally sour. It is also eaten preserved in sugar, chili sugar and plum powder as candy. Many famous Thai dishes also use tamarind juice as ingredient.

Here we discuss some important benefits of tamarind:

  • Fight cancers
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Treat bite discorders
  • Ease soar threoat (gargle)
  • Prevents vitamic C deficiency
  • Help digest food
  • Reduce fevers and protects against cold
  • Promotes healthy heart